Last time I posted to this blog was about two months ago. Even then, it was a repost and not something I actually took the time to write. Lately I have been putting most of my energy into my other blog (WordPress — paws2smile). I guess I don’t have much going on with my Lupus that I need to write about, which is a good thing. I think it also has to deal with my profile/Gravatar picture. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it won’t. I have tried researching it and end up getting frustrated. Because of that, I feel negative every time I log on and hiss at my computer when I see the generic picture of a person that is supposed to be me.

My health hasn’t been that bad, which I am thankful for. I had an appointment with my pain doctor about a month ago and gave the update that I was doing well and sure as shit, the next week I got headaches, which turned into migraines and a flare. I am still dealing with the migraines and not getting much done of anything. House chores, blogging, article writing… it is amazing how a “bad headache” leaves you useless. I spent the hardest week in bed, sleeping my days away. Sleeping was the only time I wasn’t in pain and was the only thing I could do. With nausea, light and sound sensitivity and dizziness, it is hard to even watch TV. But it has gotten a little better.

Friday and Saturday I felt pretty good so of course I did house chores and overdid myself. I was just feeling so GOOD that I didn’t want to stop and take time to rest, I thought my flare was over. And only certain people will understand this, but it felt GREAT to be able to do chores. I was so happy to be doing laundry and the dishes. There is no sarcasm in this. Friday I had some pain but went to doggy daycare regardless because it has been 3 weeks since I was there last. I missed my pups. So we will see how much longer this flare lasts.

My dad and stepmother have been on the Paleo diet for some time now and now my dad wants me to start. He has heard stories of how much the diet has helped Lupus patients. I’m on the fence about it since it’s a diet that requires a lot of meat/protein and no bread/carbs. I’m not much of a meat-eater and I LOVE bread. He is on my ass about it but I really can’t get mad at the guy because he cares and just wants me to feel better. So, I suppose I should start reading some information about it. I honestly do need to change my diet though; my body is reminding me that I am getting older and I can’t enjoy the sugary foods as much as I used to.

I have decided to start using/selling oils. I am impressed with them! I have just started so I don’t know much, other than they work. For now I only have two bottles to work with, Thieves and Peppermint. I have Lavender on the way which is exciting because my boyfriend and I have been using it in the diffuser every night before bed. It’s so relaxing, I can’t believe I didn’t start doing this sooner. And I am finding my boyfriend likes them just as much as I do, which may help me to keep spending the money on them. 😉