Wow, I have gotten WAY too slack on this blog. Honestly, my other WordPress blog is lacking as well. I have lost my crafty, little muse. At least with my other blog I can post an obnoxious amount of pictures of Storm, this blog is a little more difficult. I have the urge to write/type today so I figured I would just start and see where I end up. NaNoWriMo is coming up and I want to really try this year. I know I have to warm up my muscles quite a bit. I have two books that I have not finished because I am stuck. I have put it off and I know that is not going to help. I have a couple of guesses of why I am having such a difficult time coming up with anything to write.

#1 – I don’t do anything and mostly sit around all day. Mind you, I read while sitting around all day so I am at least doing something. But maybe that reason could be worded differently. Hmmm… I have no social life. There, that sounds more precise. I don’t have a job, I don’t have school/classes and my friendships are minimal. Somehow I am blessed with all my best friends deciding to move out of state (which, in some cases result to no longer being best friends).  A big part of not having a social life is that I have no vehicle. I really HATE asking for help. I was raised to be strong, independent and not depend on someone else (particularly a man) for things.

The only social interaction I get (other than my boyfriend) is my therapy sessions and DBT group meetings (which are right before my therapy sessions). And per DBT group rules, I am not allowed to contact or become friends with any of the other members. Yes, it’s a lame rule but the therapists are just concerned that we will forget our skills when together thus all the learning was for nothing. Something like that. I suppose if I concentrate super hard I can understand the reason but I still think it’s a lame rule. And it frustrates me because I have clicked with a few people and some of them even have the same health issues as me.

#2 – There was (what I considered to be) an issue for the pet magazine I write articles for. Odds are I am taking something wayyyy too personal. But it has left me in an ‘I’m not good enough’ funk. Basically I got my first ‘no’ or reject with my writing. And the stupid thing is that I KNOW there will be rejections and it happens to everyone. For whatever reason, my hands are bound and I can’t take the blinders off my eyes.


#3 – My health has actually been somewhat ok. I still have my Fibro bothering me at times, chest pain, migraines and Lupus joint pain so severe that I can’t even use my hand, but that all can be categorized as just a “normal” day for me. So there is nothing to report, which I am thankful for.

Until I am able to locate my muse, please check out my other blog ( ) and gush over my adorable American Bulldog.  🙂