Something I am trying to “deal” with in my therapy sessions is getting my finances under control. According to my therapist, my debt is keeping me from reaching one of my goals (which I agree).


Waiting for Medicare sucks because no insurance wants to cover your sickness, so you end up stuck with COBRA health plan that is half of what you receive a month for disability. Not only that, but prescription prices are not any better. I paid an extra $200.00 plus my expensive monthly COBRA payment each month.


So how is a person supposed to live if they have at most $200.00 a month to pay for anything or any other bills? Answer: credit. I was living off my credit card since I had no other way to pay for necessities. And no, I wouldn’t go blow a bunch of money; I learned about credit the hard way and realized quickly the difference between want and need.


However, due to my situation and going on Social Security, I am back where I was when I first learned the evils of credit cards. My therapist asked me if I thought about bankruptcy and that thought actually had been in the far corner of my head.  But something was stopping me—being too proud and not wanting to give up another “freedom.” Going on disability took just about everything of mine such as my job, my own place, and my vehicle. I didn’t want to be forced to get rid of something else since I am in the process of rebuilding myself from my lowest low in my whole life. I looked at bankruptcy as dragging me back down yet deep down I knew I had to start the process instead of having the idea dance around in my head.  


My therapist has been doing a wonderful job and helped me view it in a positive light. I finally decided to move forward with putting words into actions; tomorrow I visit an attorney to sign paperwork.


I doubt I will be able to get my student loans taken care of since they are “private,” but will still try. Even though I will be making a monthly payment to my attorney, I know it will be a heavy burden off my shoulders to no longer have to deal with the other debt and collection calls.




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