I am so thankful that my pain has not gotten worse, where I’ve needed to take a higher dosage of Gabapentin. I still have the hardest time with my fatigue which is no surprise, so I really can’t complain. No ER visits since last post! Yay!!

My visits to the Pain Clinic have been going well and my doctor thinks meeting only once a month should suffice unless I am having issues. However my doctor wanted me to start seeing a therapist that works with some pain patients. She uses a certain technique, which I of course cannot remember, but it looks at what is going on around me that may cause me to stress which in turn causes me pain. I was excited yet leery about this new person because I see a psychologist and don’t feel she does much for me. Much to my relief she is wonderful and gives me daily “assignments” every time I see her. I find these assignments useful even if I don’t complete them. I guess it helps give me purpose to my day. My first assignments:

1) Exercise – to take Storm on 20 minute walks twice a day. I struggle to get this done and am not quite sure why.
2) Read – specifically a book called “The Energy Bus.” I have not done this which is surprising because I love to read. However, I had to wait for my monthly disability payment since I had no way of paying for the book.
3) Journal – which I do on a normal basis so not too hard for me.

In my last session we went over a breathing technique, which is supposed to help me when I am stressed or in pain. She taught it to me then left the room with a CD playing while I practiced. I fully engaged myself in it because I love the idea of easing pain with no drugs. At the end of the CD it mentioned that I should now be alert and have energy. I laughed because I was the complete opposite; I was tired and wanted to sleep. And while I was doing my new technique, a headache decided to pop up that didn’t annoy me 20 minutes before at the beginning of my appointment. She was just as surprised as I was and has me practicing my breathing as one of my next assignments.

I think one of the MAIN reasons why I have been so pain free is due to the fact that I am dating someone. I met him on the Plenty of Fish dating website and he is 10 years older than me. We seem to be moving very fast which could be good or bad. I have been known to move fast in relationships so I am fine with it. We have so much in common, from our hobbies to our personalities. But we are a little different that he has been teaching me new things as well. He has been great at accepting my Lupus which help eases a lot of my fears. He wants to take care of me and hearing him tell me those words makes me even crazier about him. So for now I am floating on Cloud 9…





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