I am so glad I took the chance and upped some of my medication because I feel awesome! I still get a couple headaches every so often but I will take these less painful days! I am surprised that I haven’t gone out much since being in less pain but my fatigue still kicks my ass. I have only enough energy to do some cleaning and/or errands, and then I am done for the day. Oh and I still tend to go to bed at 9 at night.

Finally after months of waiting, I went to my first appointment at the Pain Clinic (waiting list is one year but I got in before that amount of time). It never helped my aunt with her migraines but I thought I would at least give it a try. The doctor is very nice, funny, and quirky. He is extremely thorough which I find to be positive. The doctor looks at all elements in your life to see if anything is causing the pain. My first hour visit was about my childhood and growing up. He figures there is at least another four visits before he can make any recommendations. I find it all interesting and somewhat liberating as it feels like I am talking to a psychologist.

When I feel I have enough energy to see someone, I’m not sure who to contact. My friends are all so used to me not being around that they really don’t think of me. And I know if I get together with a group of my friends I will be the odd one out while they all talk about relevant events in their life that I know nothing about. That or they will reminisce of things they recently have done while I was the only one not able to be at the event from where the story comes from. Their lives are so much more different than mine now that I am not working. I don’t know… Maybe I have nothing to worry about? Am I now uncomfortable getting together with people that don’t truly understand where I am coming from?








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