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Not a lot has been going on with my health, which is a good thing. Hopefully I can focus on my writing again soon.

A few weeks ago I had a horrible migraine. After debating much of the day if I should go to the ER or not, I finally decided at 4:00 that I just need to go in and get it taken care of. A good friend reminded me that there is no sense in suffering.

Knowing they might be giving me heavy medications, I had my mother drive me. Thankfully it was not busy and they brought me back to a room right away. They asked me all the questions—yadda yadda. I told them what usually works for me and they said they would give me an ‘IV cocktail.’ In the past I have tried them and they worked the first and only time. I advised them that it wouldn’t work but then became curious if we were talking about the same thing. It was similar but with a shorter list of ingredients. They would be giving me Benadryl and… some other medication used for stomach pain I believe (I’ve never heard of the medication before).Beggars can’t be choosers so I agreed.

The nurse was ready to put the IV in my hand. She poked me and was moving it around a bit. Normally I would have been going crazy—I can’t stand IV’s. My head had so much pressure though that I focused on that and reminded myself the IV would make me feel better.

“Well, I had it…” the nurse stated as she was taking out the needle.

Why don’t they keep that information to themselves unless asked? Why do they have to say things of that nature out loud so I can begin to freak out? The nurse brought in her supervisor and she began to look for a possible vein. They studied me for a couple minutes and I apologized for not drinking enough liquids as I was sleeping most of the day to get rid of the pain. They advised me it was fine and I told them if they were going to stick me they would only get one more shot. Then they said the magical words, “I think I’m going to see if I can get a flight nurse to do this.”

Yessssssssssss! I knew everything would now be ok. A male flight nurse (a good looking one I might add) came in and asked, “Where do you want to be poked?” I was going to make a sexual comment but thought better of it as memories of watching sexual harassment videos at work came into mind. I told him wherever he can find a vein.

It took him a couple minutes and had to use a smaller needle but the IV was finally in place. The other nurse started the meds but were pushing it a bit much that it somewhat hurt at the injection site that was smaller than what I was supposed to have. The feeling freaked me out and I lost it—just started sobbing. They slowed it down until I was comfortable then left for the meds to kick in.

Time passed and my migraine was still in full force. They eventually came to check on me and I gave them an update. The nurse advised me they would also try some Toradol. As I was waiting for the Toradol to help, the Benadryl finally kicked in and I could barely keep my eyes open. It is SO hard to try and fall asleep when you are hooked up to all those wires, hearing the beeping noises from the machines go off and only able to lay on your backside. My pain began to subside a little and they let more of the IV in so I could finish the bag of fluid.

This whole ordeal took about two and half hours. But you know what? At the end of that time I was at a five on the pain scale! I felt amazing!

We were able to leave and for the rest of the night I enjoyed being happy and pain free. I wasn’t going to take it for granted!  I decided to lie in bed to watch TV and would take moments every so often to close my eyes to be aware of how good I felt. Only people that are in constant pain can understand my statement.

My family doctor and I decided to up my Gabapentin medication to see if that would help with my migraines. I take 300 milligrams three times a day. He wanted me to double that dose and start small. I didn’t like the idea of doubling the dose since last time I chose that road I ended up gaining 60 pounds. I decided to see how another 300 would make me feel.


I am almost scared to write this as it may jinx me but I have been feeling great! It has been at least a year since I have gone this long without being bedridden. I hope it stays this way but know that is wishful thinking. I am glad I didn’t start taking the amount he wanted me to. Now, if it gets worse I can still add more pills.

*Thanks to www.care2.com for use of photo


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