Study: Obesity is Associated with Increased Risk of MS in Girls : National MS Society

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Study: Obesity is Associated with Increased Risk of MS in Girls : National MS Society.

It is amazing how Lupus and MS have similiar issues, such as how heat affects us when we are outside for a long period of time.

I find it interesting that they believe this risk may be due to estrogen. I think girls need to stop drinking store milk (that has hormones in it) and start drinking organic milk.

Interesting issue…


90 Day Challenge

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One day I was looking at my Facebook feed to waste some time. I came across a post from a friend about “Body by Vi.” So I clicked on it to learn more. It seemed it was a weight loss/diet plan. I was interested but one has to take the different types of diets with a grain of salt.


I e-mailed her and asked if she had done the 90 Day Challenge and she stated that she just started it. We both said we heard good things about the plan.  My sister told me she had a couple of friends that just loved it.


She told me a little more about the plan; cost, how many shakes a day, etc. and thought about it for a couple days. I had wanted to get rid of this weight I gained from the amitriptyline medication but I thought it was pricey since I am on a very limited income. One month of the shakes would be a little over one hundred dollars a month. After the 90 days, you keep going with one shake a day and that box costs around $45.00.


Some of my medication suppresses my appetite so I liked the idea of shakes as meals because I didn’t eat much anyway. I also liked the idea of getting my nutrients in a non-pill form since the body can sometimes digest only 10-20% of a pill. After talking it over with my mom, I decided to try it out.


I received my package on a Monday and had never been so excited about trying a diet/eating healthy that I started with my first shake that night. I mixed the product with fat free milk and one of the little flavor packets that came with it.


I took my first drink and thought, ‘Wow! This tastes like shit!’ I wondered how I would be able to choke down the next one.


The next morning I got my drink all ready and decided to use the banana flavor. It took forever to dissolve! I couldn’t figure out why this one took twice as long so just decided to chug it to be done with it. With a full belly of milk, I brought my mixer cup downstairs to rinse it out and started laughing. I forgot to add the product. So I basically chugged banana milk. So once again I got my drink ready and made sure to add the product! The thing with downing two of those is you get a gut ache from all the milk. I learned my lesson rather quickly.


I kept trying to finish my shakes as fast as I could. I asked a couple of friends what they do to make it more non-gag worthy. I found that Almond Milk is not only healthy but tastes better. One of my friends suggested using cocoa. It’s not too bad! In fact, it mostly takes care of any chocolate craving I have any day. There are a few recipes online that sounded good but I haven’t tried them yet.  Jello pudding packets also work pretty well!


I found it interesting that my first week I suddenly had an appetite after all these years. I forgot what it was like to be constantly hungry. I am currently finishing my 2nd week and can thankfully say my body is now used to two liquid meals a day. At times I find to be hungry so I try to snack on healthy items.


At 14 days on the challenge, I weighed myself to see if I lost any pounds and I did! So far, I have lost five pounds. Recently I have been noticing my muscles looking leaner, which is what the shakes are supposed to do.

When I look in the mirror, I see my old self again! It is such a terrific, amazing, and exciting feeling! My old self had been hiding quite well since I gained the medication weight. With seeing my old self again, I also feel sexy! I am shocked I feel this way because I’m not even down to my original weight yet!


I love the shakes and recommend them. My website is  If you are interested go to my website and fill out the ‘Contact Me’ part on the right hand side. Or you can always click ‘Body by Vi’ black box at the top of the page.  On the website you will also be able to see my progress.




Realization of Being on Disability Rears its Ugly Head

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One week ago, I had to take back my leased, blue Honda CR-V to the dealership. I wish I could say I was done with the lease but in fact I still had a year left to pay on it. I could not afford the payments thanks to my new $500 monthly COBRA health insurance cost. I am solely on Social Security Disability and even with the ridiculously expensive insurance payments I still have to fork over around $300 for my monthly prescriptions. That doesn’t leave me with much leftover.

Note: I am very behind on this blog, but yes, I was finally accepted by Social Security.

My mother followed me to the dealership in her Toyota Camry so I would have a ride back home. Once inside the dealership, I asked for Jill (the sales person I deal with) and had to wait a couple minutes as she was busy. She came over with a smile and asked why I was there.

“I need…” I literally could not get the rest of the words out of my mouth. Tears started to form and I told myself to be strong.

“I need…” Shit! Once again I could not finish the sentence. It was almost as I was trying to talk a foreign language but somehow didn’t read a certain part of the language book.

My eyes swelled with tears as I could feel them on the very small edge of my eyelids. I could feel my face getting warm.

“Here, let’s go somewhere a little more private,” stated Jill once realizing it may take a bit before I could get the words out. We walked over to a lonely office on a corner and sat down.

“What’s going on,” Jill asked quietly.

“I need to bring back the CR-V… as I can no longer afford it,” I cried finally finishing my very first words to her. I gave her an update on my life/financial status while she looked up my information on the computer. I told her I was already behind one payment if not two. She sat up from the desk and told me she would be right back.

I was still crying when my mom beside me asked if there was anything she could do. I said, “Don’t talk about it.” She respected my wishes and we sat in the quiet as I tried to stop crying.

“It’s just not fair,” I said and the sobbing started all over. Mom agreed with my statement and then Jill came back to the desk asking for my vehicle keys.

“We are going to look at the car and try and see if we can buy it from you so it doesn’t get repo’d.”

Once again, my mom respected my wishes and we sat quietly as we waited. Jill came back with the keys and said they would buy it out from me but if I could do her a favor and come back Monday for the paperwork as she had four current customers waiting for her. I told her I would and my mom and I left the dealership. I didn’t talk much that night at home.

Mom was going to leave for Las Vegas Sunday night so we went back to Vern Eide and dropped off my car. On Monday, I took her car to go sign the paperwork.

So it’s done, I no longer have a vehicle. I no longer have the vehicle I was planning on having for 20 years. I hope someday I might be able to have another car but time will only tell.

I have more to say but this blog post seemed a bit much to give you after not hearing from me for months. I will post again soon—I promise!