I am now completely out of my ex’s apartment–Wahoo!! It was a very long process, but I made it that way. I decided this time to pack slowly and not all at once. My advice?? Never do it that way!! Pretty soon it got to be such a chore that I found myself trying to find other things to do (“Well I should go pack…no wait! My vehicle is filthy! I should do that first.”). My ex still has a couple things of mine to bring over but otherwise all is in my storage unit.

And in this process, it appears I know nothing about height and length. I ordered a 10 x 10 storage unit. Once I opened it for the first time (moving day), my jaw dropped to the floor and I heard myself say, “You gotta be shitting me!” But the moving guys said they could make it fit, which I just ignored because I knew there was no way everything could fit in there. But ya know what? They did it! I was amazed of their stacking skills (something I lack). They did an excellent job and I suggest hiring 2 Guys on the Move if you need to get out of your ex’s place. Or for any other moving reason.

Storm is handling things pretty well and has been such a good dog compared to my parent’s puppies. The puppies are slowly starting to play with her. They will chase each other at times but of course Storm forgets how big she is compared to them. The puppies seem to be having a hard time dealing with Storm when it comes to attention. They are used to getting all the attention. When my mom bends down to pet or give Storm the smallest attention, Maddie the Maltese attacks my dog. A bully breed. And they say bullies are ferocious?? This little shit growls and bites at Storms face, and NOT in a friendly way. How does Storm handle this? She just sits there, doesn’t even bother growling at the step-on-me-dog. Hopefully we will not have to stay there for too much longer!!

Friday I received something from Social Security. I stared at the envelope and thought, ‘something lame from Social Security.’ I knew my court date wouldn’t come for another six months. But I opened it anyway and was shocked to read they had a court date for me!! Yeah buddy! And I don’t have to wait a full year like they had told me at their office. My court date is in August and I am pumped. I have to remind myself not to count my chickens before they are hatched. I am fully aware that the judge could always say no. I am going to compose an essay of why I need to be on disability; because we all know I won’t be able to remember what I want to tell the judge. Ha! Yay Lupus Fog!




*Thank you to www.butyoudontlooksick.com for letting me use their picture.