The other day I finally got off my lazy ass and went to set up a storage unit. I’ve signed all the paperwork and made my first payment, but yet have gone to see it. Very soon (as in a matter of days) I will be starting to crash at my parent’s house. Take note that I did not say “live” with them. The first reason being is that this helps me sleep better at night. Second, I have hope that an income based apartment will come open for me soon. I figure since this is the 11th time I have moved (estimating), I am taking my time and am packing things slow. I will pack my things room by room before it dwindles down to the day the moving people show their faces (which I have not yet set up). I am doing this for my sake (mentally/physically) and Bunger’s sake since most of the furniture is mine (and he would have nothing to sit on).

At the ‘rents I will be sleeping in what is now the grandkids’ bedroom. I really can’t bitch and complain since its one step up from sleeping on a couch. It makes me content knowing that I will be sleeping on a bed. The bed will be pretty small; I think it’s only a twin size. But you know what? Beggars can’t be choosers! It beats sleeping on a couch or the floor!

It should be interesting to see how things work with Storm. That poor dog. We have moved so often she has no idea what ‘home’ is. It will also be interesting to see how the parent’s new dogs react with Storm. The plan is to keep Storm downstairs with one of those dog fences. I think she will be fine and not jump it yet she has surprised me in the past…

What I am not interested in is seeing how my age affects things. I am now 30 years old and I hope they don’t treat me like a child stating things such as I can’t be in the bedroom with a guy and have the door closed (whenever I actually feel like dating again). Or having a guy crash at my parents. Last time I lived there, I was in my middle 20’s and they put the kibosh on that subject. So, I am trying to prepare myself.

I love my parents but I hope the stay is not too long. I’m excited to live by myself again. It has been TOO long. I may not be in the best apartments but it will be just Storm and I again. It will give Storm and I a chance to bond again. The next night she slept next to me all night, I woke the next morning happy and snuggling with her.  It doesn’t happen often. For whatever reason each of Bunger’s and my dog want to spend time with the other person. So a normal night Jaime sleeps next to me and Storm sleeps next to Bunger.

One of these days I will stop moving and find a place to live. But I have no idea when in the hell that will be…




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