Last night I was lying in bed when Bunger came into the bedroom. He mentioned that he read about this scary new disease and told me the symptoms. I gave him a ‘are you stupid?’ look, which he is quite familiar with, and he told me he was serious.

I picked up my iPhone and went to my Huffington Post app. Sure as shit, Bunger was right about this scary new disease. Damn. I hate when he’s right.

The disease he was talking about is called Nodding Disease. And for some mysterious reason, this disease only attacks children of ages 1 to 19. In fact, in Uganda there are 3,000 children that suffer from this disease. And it seems the child’s personalities completely change from who they were.

The symptoms seem to weaken the person and cause the person to start fires, of all things. This debilitating disease also seems to have epilepsy-like symptoms with recovery time taking hours. This makes the child completely dependent on someone else to care for them. Sometimes the child may even wander off in a vegetative state, forcing the parents to tie their children to a wooden pole/home. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) are perplexed by this.

And I can tell you this: This is freaky as hell and blows my mind.

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