I have a hard time letting go of anything and everything. I keep my old bank statements and loan statements “just in case” if I would ever need them. My sister tells me I hold on to too many grudges. During my high school era, I would often try and stay friends with all of my ex-boyfriends. I thought, ‘Just because the relationship isn’t there, it doesn’t mean the friendship has to end as well.’ Well, that thought should only last as long as you are in high school.

My views on this opinion have changed as the years have gone by and I have gotten older (smarter). Once I started to date after high school, I kept a mere handful of ex’s in my life. I find it is often difficult to keep them around when so many emotions are tied to each person. I’m not sure why I try and keep some around. Maybe I keep them around because I would like to try things again sometime in the future. Or maybe because I’m in denial and am not over that person like I thought I was.

There were boys who just couldn’t get things (lights on but no one is home). There were boys that liked alcohol/bars a little too much. There were too many boys who were just that—boys. There were boys who were a little too possessive. There were boys who wanted just one thing. There were boys who were bad for me. There were guys who didn’t want to give up their guy time for me.

But recently I have realized that I don’t need these guys that I have kept around. I am too nice, deserve better and need to put myself on a higher pedestal. It is time to focus more on myself and start learning to let go! Purging begins now!