Recently, I was denied by Social Security for a second time. I was expecting it the first time but not the second time. Granted, I don’t have the worst case of Lupus but I still have to suffer from it. Apparently, hiring an attorney and complaining to the Senator’s office has no affect on if I get approved or denied.

The next step in this never-ending process is to set up a hearing with a judge to decide my fate. Am I supposed to use my acting skills that day if I actually feel good for once? I am somewhat anxious about this whole ordeal. Just to be in front of a judge is scary for me. I have worked in the courthouse before and have had no bad experiences with a judge so I don’t understand why I have a fear of authority figures.

I still keep getting denied by the short term disability insurance from my last employer. I can’t decide if I should keep trying. People keep telling me that I should try but my gut says that I should stop wasting my time. The extra cash would be nice though.